Mobile Spray Tanning in Isla Vista

Are you looking for a great spray tan and you live in Isla Vista?  Often times your local tanning boutique is closed when you want to get a spray tan.  That’s why my mobile tanning service is so great!  Celia of Santa Barbara’s mobile tanning service is able to come directly to your place in Isla Vista and I’m willing to show up at those times when other businesses are closed or unavailable.

I have years of experience providing a safe, organic and natural looking spray tan that is tan perfection!  You can get a few of your friends to join in and have a tanning party with a discounted group rate!
For your mobile airbrush spray tan at your Isla Vista location, just call to schedule your appointment:

Celia of Santa Barbara

Or for more information visit to find out how to prepare for your airbrush spray tan to get the best results!

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Lymphatic Therapy for Sinus Allergies

Springtime means lots of flowers and plants are blooming in Santa Barbara. It’s a lovely fragrant time of year. However, to people with sinus allergies, all the pollen in the air can cause sneezing, wheezing and congestion in the nose, throat and chest.  When you have inhalant allergies it can feel like you have a cold all the time. Your immune system gets overloaded and your lymph glands swell up or feel tender.

Lymphatic Therapy can immediately address the pain and discomfort of sinus allergies and their accompanying congestion and post-nasal drip.  Lymph therapy removes inflammation and congestion and gets you on the path to feeling energetic and normal again. You can breathe freely again, sleep better, and get back to enjoying life.

If you suffer from the bounty of springtime pollen and want relief, then you’ll want to try a lymphatic treatment to see for yourself how much better you can feel.

I’ll give you a $15 discount on your first lymphatic therapy session if you like my Facebook page and mention this article when you book your appointment. See my website for more information about Lymphatic Health.  Or call me to discuss how I can help you find relief from this all too common health challenge.

Start Enjoying Spring Again!

Celia of Santa Barbara
Lymphatic Therapy for Sinus Allergies

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Spray tan before your vacation (or after)!

Planning a trip to a warm, tropical location? You don’t want to be pale when you arrive on vacation!   You want to look your best when you ‘re putting on your swimsuit to go the pool, beach or wearing more revealing clothing for travel & recreation.

And if you’ve been visiting Santa Barbara during a rainy or overcast period, you can still go home with a tan, even if you haven’t had the benefit of a lot of California sunshine during your stay. You can have a beautiful, natural-looking tan in just minutes!  No muss, no fuss, just call Celia of Santa Barbara – Mobile Airbrush Spray Tanning for your spray tan appointment.

My organic, odorless, natural tanning solution gives you an immediate golden glow and develops in just a few hours into a tan that will last you a week to 10 days.  Some clients even tell me their spray tan has lasted 2 weeks!

My mobile service can come directly to your home, office, or hotel room.  What could be easier!  Once you see how natural and beautiful  a good spray tan can be, you’ll be hooked.  And the best part is, your friends will be complimenting you on how great you look, but will never guess it’s a sunless tan.  That’s how natural it looks.

You just have to try it.  Call Celia for your spray tan appointment today!


In Studio spray tan sessions are also available. Mobile service to Summerland, Carpinteria, Montecito, Goleta, and Santa Barbara.  Other locations available on request. Fees vary with location.

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Massage Gift Certificates for the Holidays!

It’s never too early to be thinking about gifts for the holiday season.  A gift certificate for a relaxing massage is always well received.  If you have a friend or relative that lives in Santa Barbara or visits Santa Barbara frequently, you might consider giving them the gift of massage therapy.  It’s great to take time out from the busy holiday season and just indulge in the quiet and comfort of massage.

Gift certificates are available for massage therapy, lymphatic therapy and also for airbrush spray tanning.  Your personalized gift certificate can be mailed directly to your chosen recipient. Or you can arrange to pick it up directly from me.

Buy 3 or more gift certificates and get 15% discount if you purchase before November 30, 2010

Call Celia of Santa Barbara for your massage gift certificates today! (805) 962-1807

Happy Holidays!

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Host a Tanning Party and get a free spray tan!

Halloween is just around the corner.  Put the finishing touch on your Halloween look by getting a spray tan.  Even out or darken your skin tone for those revealing Halloween costumes!

Host a spray tanning party to prepare for your Halloween revels.  Get five or more of your friends together for spray tanning in your home and you, as the host, will get your tan for free! The rest of your guests will enjoy a substantial discount off the regular price of mobile spray tanning.  For parties of 6 people or more, a full body tan is only $30 each. (That’s 50% off the regular price!)

Call today to reserve a time for your Halloween Spray Tanning Party.  I can come to you will everything necessary to give
you and your guests a perfect spray tan in just minutes.

Don’t be a pale spook this year…  Get a natural looking spray tan with me. (No orange color here!) You tan to your natural color with my organic, odorless, chemical-free, solution.

Special discount and free tan good until 10/31/2010. Mention this online offer!

Call to book your party today!

Celia of Santa Barbara
Mobile Airbrush Spray Tanning
(805) 962-1807

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Luxury Spa Services in your home

Everyone loves a party, but a spa party is the ultimate in great party experiences.  Now you can enjoy the company of your friends while indulging in the wonderful body treatments of a professional spa or salon in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  We bring the spa to you!

Celia of Santa Barbara – Massage Therapy & Sunless Tanning

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Banish June gloom in Santa Barbara with a Spray Tan

Is June gloom taking away your sunny disposition?

Even though the sun is slow to show its face in Santa Barbara these
days, your skin can still glow with a warm inviting color. You don’t
have to wait for the fog to lift!

You can get a spray tan in about 15 minutes that will last you
through the week — whether or not the sun shines. You don’t even
have to leave your house! Yes I make housecalls!

I come to you with my mobile airbrush tanning system and you can be
looking like you just got back from a day at the beach– only without
the skin damage from harmful UV rays that sun exposure causes. Then
when the sun finally does come out… you’ll already have a
beautiful, natural looking tan and you can protect yourself with sunscreen!

Get more information about airbrush spray tanning in Santa Barbara and my mobile spray tanning service by visiting the Celia of Santa Barbara website.

  • Visit my Tanning page where you can get information about prices, packages, and tips on how to get the best results when spray tanning by properly preparing you skin for the application.
  • Get your answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Spray tanning in Santa Barbara.

I look forward to helping you look your best this summer!

Celia Schmidt
Airbrush Tanning Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Lymphatic Therapist

An elite mobile service
(805) 962-1807

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