Lymphatic Therapy for Sinus Allergies

Springtime means lots of flowers and plants are blooming in Santa Barbara. It’s a lovely fragrant time of year. However, to people with sinus allergies, all the pollen in the air can cause sneezing, wheezing and congestion in the nose, throat and chest.  When you have inhalant allergies it can feel like you have a cold all the time. Your immune system gets overloaded and your lymph glands swell up or feel tender.

Lymphatic Therapy can immediately address the pain and discomfort of sinus allergies and their accompanying congestion and post-nasal drip.  Lymph therapy removes inflammation and congestion and gets you on the path to feeling energetic and normal again. You can breathe freely again, sleep better, and get back to enjoying life.

If you suffer from the bounty of springtime pollen and want relief, then you’ll want to try a lymphatic treatment to see for yourself how much better you can feel.

I’ll give you a $15 discount on your first lymphatic therapy session if you like my Facebook page and mention this article when you book your appointment. See my website for more information about Lymphatic Health.  Or call me to discuss how I can help you find relief from this all too common health challenge.

Start Enjoying Spring Again!

Celia of Santa Barbara
Lymphatic Therapy for Sinus Allergies

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